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A Year of Embodiment

A Year of Embodiment is the 5th installment of me and Monique Mitchell's yearly workbook series, and is different from all the rest. More robust, this one-year workbook is divided into 12 sections, and is meant to be taken in month by month. With 66 pages of questions, exercises, and space for reflection, it is intended to keep you grounded in your body despite all of the distractions in today’s world. Consider it a year long body scan; something to continuously come back to in order to ground yourself more deeply in your soul’s soil.

A Year of Embodiment is inspired by the cosmic seasons, because when we align with nature’s rhythm, we begin to flow as one with Life.

Since we’ve started, we have received emails from all over the globe sharing success stories. Stories of transformation, healing, empowerment. Stories of landing that dream career, moving abroad, finding deeper self-worth & love.

The time to embody your heaven is now.

May your roots be strong and your heart be fertile. xx

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