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This workshop will focus on healing the Inner Teenager and understanding how the Inner Teen can be making your decisions as an adult.

Teenage years are very important to heal as many of us were not initiated into this phase and can find most of our trauma was from these years.

In this workshop we will go deep in learning the difference between the Inner Child and Inner Teenager whilst creating a safe space to understand and heal our Inner Teenagers.

When our Inner Teens are healed we are able to have a more secure Inner Teen which can create the safety, security and the confidence to move more freely in this world. We no longer feel the world is against us and can create a life we always imagined.

USD $44

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Most people learned how to get their needs met through manipulation so this workshop will be teaching you how systems, relationships and energies have manipulated you over the years.

We will be discussing how manipulation works, how to spot when you are being manipulated and the tools to navigate through this.

You will learn how to read the energy and understand what is taking play rather than feeling confused and scattered after an interaction.

You will learn techniques and tools that can support and manipulation

$44 USD

Workshop sent to your email after purchase.



Part 1 & Part 2

Learn how to build a relationship with Earth and work with all the elementals.
How to connect with the Land & deities of the land.
Deepening your relationship with Earth.
To understand when the land is calling you to travel to it and want to know how this all works.
How to give offerings to the Earth and why.
Ancient practices and exercises for you to use in your everyday life.
Feeling held and supported by the land and how to activate each other.

$44 USD

Workshop sent to your email after purchased.


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