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Sacred Presence

Joined with Nissa Sbazo, we discuss the topic of presence and the importance it holds in our life, including the gifts it brings. We share techniques and tools that support you and your nervous system in times it can feel challenging to be with the reality of the current moment.

$33 USD


Clearing Karma

In this session we discuss the foundations of clearing karma and move through techniques to support you in understanding and clearing karma.

$33 USD

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Story Weaving

In this month's installment, we delve deep into the enchanting realm of Story Weaving. We uncover the significance, the inherent power, and the captivating magic of embracing and owning your very own personal story. This workshop will guide you in discovering your story and its importance, not just for your own journey but also for your ability to impact and serve others.

$33 USD

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The Lover & the Beloved

Connecting back to what is meaningful to you. In this class we go back to what it means to connect back to the essence of life by knowing your unique meaning to life, your why? We explore what your unique gifts are and what meaning you have given to life. Finding meaning can be found in the simple things you enjoy and give your best in. 

$33 USD

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Power, value & choices.

In this series we redefine our values and tune into what choices we are currently operating from. Choice is a function of expanded awareness, it frees us from reacting to circumstances. With expanded awareness and freedom, we end up choosing moment by moment a higher conversation and a higher level of action, a higher state of being. Through remembrance that our choices can reshape our life in ways we desire.

$33 USD

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Reclaim! A return to your magic, medicine and gifts.


In this workshop we move through different exercises, themes and writing prompts for you to access your gifts that are unique to you. We take a journey through the wisdom cave to remember what is available for you at this present moment.

$33 USD


Releasing judgments & expectations.

In this series we take a deeper look at ourselves and where we are currently being clouded by expectations and judgments that may not even belong to us or are holding us back from moving through the flow of life. This workshop includes exercises to support you and add to your current toolbox.

$33 USD


Energetic Boundaries

In this series we do an audit of the current boundaries you are implementing and dive deeper into the meaning of energetic boundaries. In this workshop you will understand what it means to take up more of your own space and own more of it. This workshop includes energy techniques and exercises to support you on your own personal evolution.

$33 USD


Return to the Land

Learn how to build a relationship with Earth and work with all the elementals.
How to connect with the Land & elements of the land.
Deepening your relationship with Earth.
To understand when the land is calling you to travel to it and want to know how this all works.
How to give offerings to the Earth and why.
Ancient practices and exercises for you to use in your everyday life.
Feeling held and supported by the land and how to activate each other

$33 USD


A two-part Eclipse Workshop

Every day during Eclipse season is an opportunity to witness what is shifting for you. The more you can go with what presents even if it's not what you thought it would be) the easier your life will flow. In this two part Eclipse workshop it will support you in the changes taking place.

$44 USD to receive both workshops

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