1:1 - In this session I hold space for you to arrive exactly as you are. This session is ideal for transforming limited beliefs, blocks and patterns so that you can stand in your authentic power.. You will be assisted in shifting any limited beliefs and perceptions to help you ground and allow your true authentic coding to come through. These sessions are energetic transmissions of information that is communicated and held in a safe container. This session will leave you more clarity whilst connecting to your own truth. Each session is uniquely customised to one’s energy field, with specific healing tools and modalities for you. 

                                    This session can be done through Facetime/Skype/Zoom

30 minutes / $80 AUD

(or) 1 hour/ $160 AUD


3 x 1 hour sessions, including exercises and tools $444

6 x 1 hour sessions including exercises and tools $888

These packages are designed for those wanting to achieve a goal/intention and are ready to birth their most authentic expression.,

Each session is customized to your intention and includes monthly support, exercises and tools to guide you.

You have the option to choose weekly/fortnightly/monthly for each session and can pay as you go.

If you are interested in learning more about these packages, click the button below and submit the request form. 


Distant healing is a form of healing energy sent across time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the recipient. With this type of healing you do not have to be physically present and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.  This session is ideal for those needing support and healing,


Notes from your session are sent via email after the distant healing.

30 minutes $75 AUD

This session is for anyone feeling stuck or feeling like they need a new direction. During the session, I clear the space and release any stuck/stagnant energy in your field or home. Clearings are done energetically & will have you feeling into the new and clearing what no longer resonates. 

                                    Notes from your session are sent via email after the clearing.

30 minutes $75 AUD

In this session I personally come to your home, office or space to clear the energy. This session is perfect for those feeling negative or lingering energy in their space, those wanting to sell a new home or those entering  a new space.

Must be located in Melbourne.

1 hour/$150 AUD


A 30 min guided journey/meditation centering clarity on:


Clearing and releasing

Closing old timelines

New timelines

Healing a certain aspect

Birthing a new creation


Womb work

Calling back your power/Sovereignty

Shamanic journeys.

Plant medicine.

All guided meditations include sound healing. The medicine that takes place in these spaces assist and support you on your journey.

30 min $75 AUD