When we live in answer we have made a conclusion about life. 

When we live in question we are open to new possibilities, new ideas and a new way of life. 

The key is to know which questions to ask.

In this sacred space I ask you the questions and you tap into your intuition for the answers, allowing new insights to come through. Each question is specifically designed to your energy field which will assist in any blocks or information we may be hiding from ourselves. It is also designed into asking you questions that will help you create the dream you came here to live.

Intuitive writing is a way to utilise your connection to your own inner wisdom and knowing. This space will remind you how to connect with your own guidance and to be open to new answers and information that wants to come through. Intuitive writing is also a way for you to be able to trust yourself and go even deeper. 

This space is set up in a loving container where we all come together and write individually which amplifies our intentions.

If you are ready to connect deeper with your hearts truth, bring your journal, your pen and your intuition.

This space is held via Zoom and has limited spaces.

Next Intuitive Writing Call:

Sunday 27th June



$22 USD

To register please email:  tashabeee@gmail.com 

Intuitive Writing