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Join us in our Intuitive Writing community to strengthen your intuition, deepen your connection and align with your highest truth with more trust and clarity.

This space was created for those wanting to be more in tune with their internal guidance, deepening their relationship with their Higher Self and to stay accountable with writing practices. 

Each month includes different themes and techniques that teach you how to trust your intuition through different streams of senses. 

You will learn how to connect with different spirits of plants, flowers, herbs, elementals and the animal kingdom. You will learn how to activate your own unique intuitive and channeling gifts. 

At the end of each session we have group discussions, share insights, learn new practices and leave with answers that support your month ahead. 

Sunday 9th April

PST 12:00 PM

EST 3:00PM

($22 USD)

Held via Zoom

To register please email:

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