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Tasha Nassar


Tasha is an Intuitive, Mystic, Teacher, Storyteller, Energy and Holistic Practitioner who brings a unique blend of cultural richness to her healing work. 

Raised in Australia, Tasha blends her Egyptian heritage with her current home in the UAE, bringing her background and global perspective into her work. 

From a young age, Tasha's intuition and sensitivity were heightened, allowing her to read energies and perceive unspoken emotions and subtle shifts in environments. These insights guided her through her own journey of self-discovery and awakening. Along the way, she encountered numerous challenges and initiations that served as catalysts for her spiritual growth. Through these experiences, Tasha learned the value of embracing one's intuition, discernment and inner wisdom. Each trial she faced became a stepping stone, leading her further along the path of personal transformation and enlightenment. Eventually, Tasha realised that her purpose was not only to navigate her own journey but also to assist others on theirs.

Tasha has devoted her life to guiding others on their path to healing and self- discovery. ​With over 13 years of experience, she provides you with tools, techniques and teachings that help you tap into your truth and reclaim your power by trusting your intuition.Her intention is to empower you, hold space for your transformation, and facilitate your liberation to be your authentic self.

As each individual is unique, she offers specialised services that are most resonant for each client, utilising her gift of holding space and sharing wisdom. ​


Tasha Nassar is a beacon of support for those seeking a deeper connection with themselves.

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