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The container to deepen your connection to your sacred feminine.

You'll be supported to carve out time within your regular life to experience the magic and medicine of your Feminine guidance and gifts.

Each week you will work with different themes that will allow your own gifts and medicine to come to the surface.

Over 7 weeks you will go through a journey of transformation, healing and awakening.

Each week we will be working with a different feminine guide whom will remind you that you have the same innate qualities and gifts that are ready to awaken and come online.


The invitation is for you to connect to the sacredness within to experience your own unique essence on an even deeper level.


This container is for you if you are ready to:

  • Strengthen your intuition and heighten your awareness.

  • Learn how to create from a more rested space with ease, joy and play.

  • Ready to heal and release old dynamics and patterns that have been deeply programmed within the the feminine.

  • Deepening your relationship with your inner feminine and the way you show up for yourself.

  • To step into your power and live with purpose and authenticity.

  • Nervous System Work.

  • Make more space to listen to your inner wisdom and its guidance.

  • How to honour your boundaries that align with your values, goals and integrity.

  • Learning new energetic techniques that can support you during this container and afterwards.


The container includes:

  • ​7 weekly live sessions available for playback.

  • 7 weekly group and individual healing recordings.

  • A worksheet to assist you through each week's theme.

  • Techniques and modalities to support you at your own pace.

  • A 2 hour closing ceremony.

  • A safe container that will support your transformation.

Week 1: Saturday 17th June

Week 2: Saturday 24th June

Week 3: Saturday 1st July

Week 4: Saturday 8th July

Week 5: Saturday 15th July

Week 6: Saturday 22nd July

Week 7: Integration & Closing Ceremony Saturday 29th July

Testimonials from the first Sacred Container:

Tasha's a gifted healer, you can’t help but be transformed in her presence. Not only does she guide you through your own unique journey, she stands right there beside you, sharing her own personal experience, her healing perspective and humour. Oftentimes with transformational experiences, fears, doubts and insecurity may come up, but rest assured you will be always be met with love, safety and compassion. 

Sacred Invitation was one of if not the most powerful, deeply healing and transformative spaces I've ever been

able to be apart of. I feel so much more confident and trusting in who I am than ever before, and feel here for whatever life has for me. The love I now have for myself after being in Sacred Container is literally life changing & life-altering. I can feel it ripple deeply throughout my life path. Thank you SO MUCH Tasha for holding this space, being a channel for this journey and saying yes to offering it!! The activations we went on were potent, sweet, and so beautiful. The weekly pdf's are soooo rich with support-- the practices helped me to really get these healings and themes into my body and beingness. The weekly healings were always spot on and resonate. I already want to sign up for 2.0 (if you offer one) because I know how incredible it's going to be! :)

The Sacred Goddess Container was everything I needed and more to tap into my feminine energy as I grow on my spiritual journey while navigating my professional career growth.

You are by far, the best healing support I've experienced to date because I felt empowered throughout and really connected to my own sense of agency and intuitive guidance - as you held the container for me to do so. Such a beautiful collaboration.

The  Container is an incredibly powerful and beautiful journey.  Shifts and realizations seemed subtle, but really are quite deep and illuminating.

Each week brought insight and synchronocities and I soon started to recognize a wonderful weaving taking place. A reminder of what exists and is ready to bloom within.  A variety of tools and prompts encouraged introspection.  Tasha brought through each theme with her luminous spark, humour and honesty.  I loved every week, and received exactly what I needed; I would easily do it again. This is a phenomenal journey and invaluable experience.  

Every single one of Tashas spaces I enter is pure magic. It's like stepping into a space out of time and witnessing miracles. And this one was no different. Thank you Tasha for holding space for me during these big 7 weeks and allowing such big shifts and aha moments to happen, and also always being there in between calls for any clarifications I needed. I've never seen someone hold so much space for each person in the container and be so devoted to everyone's individual needs. I was very surprised by how much was included in this course, from live classes to weekly healings to worksheets with many different exercises to choose from. Sacred invitation is such a great offering, and I can recommend it to anyone who wants to get more in touch with their divine feminine.


There are no words to describe what it is like to work with Tasha, but I will try. Sacred Invitation is a special container that allows you to tap into the feminine... remember the feminine... and with Tasha's channeling and guidance... embody that feminine we have all seemed to lose touch with. Throughout the course, Tasha created a safe container where I felt in community with other like-minded women. Tasha has a special way of guiding you to tap into what you need most and integrate that into your life. Each week, I lived through all the lessons and used her worksheets as practical application into my life, but I know most of the work was happening subconsciously. 



Limited spaces are available.

$333 USD - payment plans are available

Live Zoom sessions will be held on Saturday's 3pm EST 

Recordings available for playback.

This container will be running again in June to be on the waiting list




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