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Psychic Development

This container feels near and dear to my heart as I have been practicing, strengthening and training others in their psychic gifts over the past 15 years.

Lately, I have noticed how many clients have been reaching out after a traumatic experience with someone they trusted to read their field. In sessions we have either had to heal or clear the energy/opinions and fear the reader has passed on to the client.

Not only is this messy and invasive, it is dangerous.

After noticing a pattern of clients reaching out to me, I started receiving many emails from people asking if I would train their gifts. Due to being busy with other offerings, I initially ignored the call. However, as they continued to increase, I realised that it was not being asked of me, but telling me that it was time!

I have spent the last month creating a container where your gifts, abilities and  inner system can flourish.

My intention is to train those who are ready to use their psychic gifts in a clean, clear and grounded way.

My goal is for you to learn and trust where you are skilled and to strengthen those gifts and invite you to explore other gifts you may not be aware of. To awaken your confidence and self trust in these abilities.

In these 6 weeks you will learn:

  • How to read energy in your unique way.

  • Strengthen your gifts and understand how those gifts can help others.

  • Learn what your strongest psychic sense are.

  • Psychic hygiene, boundaries, protection and grounding.

  • Understanding the clairs, and working with them. 

  • How to give a reading from a clear and grounded space, where you are not seeking validation for your abilities.

  • Knowing the difference between intuition, mind and projections.

  • What is important to share in readings and what could be harmful.

  • Experience doing readings on others and certain case studies I bring in.

  • How to cultivate energetic boundaries while reading so you don't take on others energies.

  • How to clear your energy from others or from invasive and unsolicited reads.



There are 2 groups for this container depending on the timezone that suits you best. All classes run for 1.5 - 2 hours and live attendance is required.

Saturdays @ 12pm EST, July 6th - August 10th

Thursdays @ 7pm EST, July 11th - August 15th


Total investment is $333 usd

If you need support in a payment plan, please let me know.

There are limited spaces available and registration is now open till July 1st.

If you are feeling the call, this space is for you!

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