The Gold Temple


The memory of sitting with other women in circle is activated in those who are ready to remember. 

This is an invitation for a group of women to come together to align with their highest truth and walk in their divinity. If you are receiving the call, it is because you are ready to answer. 

This is a safe, sacred circle which holds potent medicine that you all have within you.

The weaving that takes place in the coming together of these circles is what I love the most. You will all intuitively know which circle to choose and which sisters to reunite with. You remembered who would see, support and hold space for you. You remembered who would assist in birthing your highest self. 

When women come together the medicine, alchemy and miracles are amplified.

When women step into their power, galaxies are created.

Your Ancient Feminine soul will lead you into your power, supporting what that means for YOU, not everyone else.

I am not able to tell you exactly what takes place once we step into the circle but what I can tell you is the experience will be divinely guided.

This is how the feminine works, there is no structure, only DEEP TRUST.

Each circle will hold the medicine that is needed to support your soul's expansion with exercises, energy healing, sacred initiations, drumming and transmissions in a supported sharing and devotional space.

You will remember Ancient practices, tools, techniques and remedies.  You will awaken and honour the connection to Earth and the natural cycles of life. You will activate the creator in you and remember that you are here to weave your hearts true desires and souls calling. 

You will remember you are powerful!

My intention for these circles are for women to come together and remember who they are.

Investment of circle is $33 USD

They will take place via Zoom and you will be required to share your video and share your voice during certain exercises. 

To join one of the circles please email me which date you would like to attend to receive a email to confirm your spot. Once you have received a confirmation email, payment is required 1 day before circle. Please do not send money until your sport is confirmed.


Sunday 18th April



(As many of us are gathering from all around the world I have used LA/NY tune as a reference of conversion as daylight savings is taking place in many regions. This is the easiest way until that has taken place.)

These circles will run for 1.5-2 hours so please make sure you available for this space before confirming. 

Please do not send your payment until your spot has been confirmed and you have received the group email.

See you in circle.

Love Tasha x


© 2018 Tasha Nassar

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