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Queendom was created for those who are ready to embody more of their unique energy and stand in their personal power. 


  • Each month we hold a series of different themes to support you in your remembrance of truth, values and integrity. This space is for you if you want to embody more of the following:

  • Knowing your own worth, value and maintaining your choices through integrity .

  • Taking action towards personal empowerment.

  • Personal power and personal identity.

  • Working through old outdated beliefs around confidence and self esteem.

  • Understanding boundaries with each new level you integrate.

  • Alignment with your actions and words through empowered choices.

  • Energy work through each chakra.

  • A deeper dive into mastering relationships and the true purpose behind them.

  • Understanding what it means to own more of your own power.


RECLAIMING - A return to your magic, medicine and wisdom!

Recording available for playback.

$33 USD


THE LOVER & THE BELOVED - Connecting back to what is meaningful to you - In this class we go back to what it means to connect back to the essence of life by knowing your unique meaning to life, your why? We explore what your unique gifts are and what meaning you have given to life. Finding meaning can be found in the simple things you enjoy and give your best in. Where your heart is and what lights you up. 

POWER VALUES & CHOICES - in this series we redefine our values and tune into what choices we are currently operating from. Choice is a function of expanded awareness, it frees us from reacting to circumstances. With expanded awareness and freedom, we end up choosing moment by moment a higher conversation and a higher level of action, a higher state of being. Through remembrance that our choices can reshape our life in ways we desire, we do an energy audit to see where we are at and which direction we would like to step into. This workshop includes energy work and practical exercises that can really support you to be more aligned with your truth.


RELEASING JUDGEMENT & EXPECTATIONS - in this series we take a deeper look at ourselves and where we are currently being clouded by expectations and judgments that may not even belong to us or are holding us back from moving through the flow of life. This workshop includes exercises to support you and add to your current toolbox.

ENERGETIC BOUNDARIES & OWNING MORE OF YOUR OWN SPACE - in this series we do an audit of the current  boundaries you are implementing and dive deeper into the meaning of energetic boundaries. This workshop you will understand what it means to take up more of your own space and own more of it. This workshop includes energy techniques and exercises to support you on your own personal evolution.

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